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Our Students St. Joseph's Catholic Community of Grand Rapids is a vibrant faith community located in northern Minnesota. St. Joseph's School is an important part of the St. Joseph's Catholic Community.  We love our students and are privileged to work in partnership with our school families.
Academic Opportunities Academic opportunities at St. Joseph's School include Math Masters, Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Reading Rainbow Writers' Contest, Geography Bee, and numerous field trips. We value the academic enrichment these experiences bring to our children's education. Summer Tutoring 
Service Activities No matter the age, our parish community embraces and serves everyone when we join together in sharing the importance of Catholic faith in our lives.  Students have donated their time through a school marathon by raking leaves for those in need.  Some students worked at the Food Self or collected donations for Habitat for Humanity, Grace House and the Itasca County Autism Group, and God's Little Angels' Orphanage in Haiti.



October 20, 2014 

All Saints’ Day is November 1 

How wonderful that the Church invites us to celebrate All Saints’ Day on November 1. On that day the Church throughout the world will gather to honor the Saints as examples of goodness, kindness, patience, perseverance, faith, love, joy, humility, and courage. They are our heroes!It is possible to walk in the way of holiness, to live as a disciple of Jesus, to remain true to Christ's teachings, no matter who we are.  Every one of us is invited to take our place in the wonderful procession of holy ones from every age and to walk (or run!) with determination to our heavenly home.

Talk with your children about who YOUR favorite saint is-and why he or she is your hero. 


WOW-what a beautiful day we had!


I was grateful that the weather worked with us, and I was impressed with the turnout and the amount of work that got done on our marathon day. We cleaned up 20 yards.

We received many comments of appreciation from the people whose yards we raked.  Thank you to our hard workers!

To those who organized the treats and cleaned up the social hall afterwards-thank you! 

I understand we have collected about $10,000 from student solicitations.  Will we hit the school goal of $15,300 for the DJ and Dance Party?    This Tuesday is the last turn-in day for students who are working towards winning their first choice of class prizes and the dance party.




Students in K – 6 will be screened on Tuesday, Nov. 4.




Dates for all schools in our area have had to be changed.  Vaccinations will be offered at our school on Nov. 13.  Vaccine will be available in both mist and injection form. Forms and more information will be sent home in Nov. 4 White Envelope.



Forms are enclosed in this week’s envelope. Please complete and return these forms to our school office ASAP-thank you!



Please refer to the

information that your child’s

teacher sends home.


    NOW IS A GREAT TIME to get out mittens, winter jackets, snowpants and  boots to see if they still fit and have matching partners.  Ourstudents go out for recess every day, and it is more fun to play when we are warm! 



The Uniform Closet is a free service.

 Apparel may be taken and donations may be given at any time. Approved uniform pants, shorts, skorts, jumpers and shirts/polos are accepted. Vests, cardigans and pullovers may be donated. Please no rips, stains, or heavy signs of wear. Socks, shoes and hair pieces are not accepted.



Please check our Lost & Found area located by the SAC entrance.  After conferences (Nov. 14), items will be bagged up and donated to Goodwill. 



You can find the server schedule at; click on the Schedules tab.



Server Training will be Sunday, November 2 after 10:30 Mass for students in grades 4-5-6. This is a change from the original date for training.



CHECK WRITING-Please make out all checks to ST. JOSEPH’S.  Write SAC or HOT

LUNCH or SCHOOL or TUITION on the memo line.


PARKING LOT is one entrance and two exits.  Everyone should come in the front main entrance; only use the upper parking lot to exit.


THANK YOU for your attention to these procedures-one for clarity for our bank account, and the other, for safety!


Loving as God Loves

As part of their religion curriculum, students in grades K – 6 have five lessons from this diocesan curriculum.  Enclosed in this week’s envelope is a parent letter with more information. Some classrooms will have these lessons in the beginning of the year as a unit, and some classes will have these lessons spread throughout their regular religion lessons.

If you have questions about this curriculum, please contact your child's teacher. 


Steps to Respect

is the name of the curriculum our teachers use in Grades 3-4-5-6 that addresses skills for making friends and handling bullying.  Teachers in Preschool, Kdg, and Grades 1-2 also present lessons that address these skills using age appropriate stories and discussions.  In the area of bullying, as is age appropriate, classrooms focus on how to:  RECOGNIZE bullying, REFUSE bullying, and REPORT bullying.

One of our faculty’s goals is to be able to respond in a consistent manner to reports of bullying.  Teachers have participated in training sessions as part of the Steps to Respect program.  All teachers and I take turns supervising students during lunch recess alongside our playground supervisor to observe firsthand the interactions of our students. 

If your child tells you about bullying behavior that (s)he has experienced or has witnessed, please encourage him/her to complete a report with a teacher or the principal.  Please contact your child’s teacher or me if you have questions about our curriculum or reporting procedures.  We appreciate the interest and support parents have given us in our continuing efforts to create a respectful environment at St. Joseph’s School.


Service Hours Rollover  If your family put in more than the required 20 to 30 hours last year, you can “rollover” some of those hours into the next school year-an incentive to “bank” hours! Please refer to our school handbook for details. 


There is no direct supervision of children in the school before 8 am. UNLESS YOU HAVE CHECKED WITH MRS. MATETICH, please do not drop off children before 8 am. Our gym teacher will open the gym doors at 8 am for children to play in the gym before school begins. We love to have parents there as well to watch the kids play. You are welcome-and can earn service hours! Please contact our school office if you can help out. Thank you!

We Love Notes and Phone Messages!
Please send a note to let your child’s teacher and the office know if you need to take them from school during the day. Unless we hear from you, if your child is not picked up by 3:10, we will ask them to go to SAC. If your child is sick and will be absent, please call our office (326-6232). You can leave a message even in the middle of the night. If we do not receive a call from you on a day your child is not in school, we need to contact you.

We ask that you make appointments for children outside of school hours whenever possible. Children will be called down to the office upon your arrival at the school office to minimize the time they will be gone from class. Thank you for working with us on these procedures.


These instructors send home information about the content of their classes on a regular basis. Please keep these letters handy to help your child in completing assignments in these classes. Information can also be found under the Classrooms heading on our school website.


Upcoming Events